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Physics Reviews - a new online service from IOP

From: Lucy Pearce <lucy.pearce@iop.org>
Subject: Physics Reviews - a new online service from IOP

*Apologies for cross posting*

I'm pleased to announce the launch of Physics Reviews, a new online
service from the Institute of Physics (IOP). Physics Reviews brings
together all review articles published in IOP's journals, including
topical reviews and those from our dedicated review journal Reports on
Progress in Physics.

The review articles in our journals are already among the most widely
downloaded and heavily cited, and cover all areas of physics. Our Editors
regularly identify topical areas of interest and commission leading
scientists to write expert commentary on them.  Review articles are more
important than ever for researchers who are increasingly overloaded and
pressed for time. They are often useful as guides to raw data and original
research material. They also serve as a valuable tool for researchers
wishing to keep abreast of the latest developments. Intended to bring
unity and cohesion to a field, review articles are especially important to
newcomers to a research area.

The articles in Physics Reviews can be displayed by subject, by journal or
by date.  The service is free to all but access to the full text of
articles identified in it is subject to subscription status.  
Non-subscribers of the source journals can purchase the articles online by
simply clicking on the full text PDF links.

Physics Reviews is bound to become every scientist's encyclopedia of
physics.  It can be found online at http://reviews.iop.org.

For further information, please contact custserv@iop.org


Lucy Pearce
Senior Product Manager
Institute of Physics Publishing