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Re: FW: Sage Journals in EBSCOhost Databases

I find this incredible. I did not respond earlier because it took me a few
days to actually believe it. As I understand the matter, even though Sage
has given them a license to provide the content in 2003 to subscribers
whose contract started earlier (which is of course almost all of their
customers) Ebsco refuses to supply it, presumably because Sage plans to
remove the content after 2003.

This sort of short-sighted bickering and gamesmanship is harmful to the
users and to the reputation of both Sage's excellent journals, and Ebsco's
excellent aggregator service. The cost is surely trivial, considering that
Ebsco already produces many different subsets of its products.

> From: owner-ebsco_web@epnet.com
> Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2002 9:07 AM
> Subject: Sage Journals in EBSCOhost Databases
> Dear EBSCOhost Customers:
> After communication with representative customers and at the request of
> Sage, we are pleased to inform you that we will be adding the Sage
> content, which was removed in July 2002, back to Academic Search Elite
> within the next few weeks.  This content will be available on the product
> through the end of the calendar year and will then be removed at that
> time.
> Our contract with Sage allows us to include Sage content in EBSCOhost´┐Ż
> Research Databases in 2003 for customers whose subscriptions started in
> 2002.  However, we would need to create a second set of products that do
> not include Sage content to fulfill subscriptions starting in 2003.
> Rather than increasing production costs and adding confusion by creating a
> second version of each of our many products during 2003 in order to
> provide Sage full text to a subset of our customers, we have made the
> decision to implement what we feel is a more practical solution of
> replacing Sage journals with journals of appropriate quality in the
> databases in 2003.  The additional titles added to Academic Search Elite
> in July 2002 (as replacements for Sage titles), will remain in the
> product.
> While no full text content from Sage owned journals will appear in any
> EBSCOhost Research Databases in 2003, we are pleased to announce that
> EBSCO plans to continue to provide abstracting and indexing for all Sage
> journals currently included in EBSCO databases.
> Kind regards,
> Scott Bernier
> Communications Manager
> EBSCO Publishing