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Re: Copyright of previous public domain

All the more reason for not purchasing databases unless the license
includes all possible disputable uses. 

"rrhoon.mail.ncsu.edu" wrote:
> As I said, both parties, including the library, believe their
> interpretation of applicable copyright would prevail.  The publisher is no
> doubt claiming a compilation copyright.
> You have raised a separate issue; I was not under the impression that
> consideration was at issue or a claim that value was disproportionate with
> the resources provided.  Your hypothetical presents issues of undisputed
> fraud, not a question of statutory interpretation.
> I think we are now discussing the chasm between the philosophical and the
> pragmatic.  I agree philosphically, but if they want the resource, your
> are not going to first resolve something as controversial as compilation
> copyright in order to execute the license.