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RE: big deal

Hi, Andrea --

We're strongly supportive here at U. Nevada.  Give me a call if you'd like
to talk.


Rick Anderson
Director of Resource Acquisition
The University Libraries
University of Nevada, Reno          "Life is short.
PH  (775) 784-6500 x273
FX  (775) 784-1328

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> Hi All:
> I'm doing some reporting on the so-called Big Deal -- contracts where
> the library agrees to subscribe to all of a publishers' e-journals, but
> can not cancel individual electronic journals without losing a
> subscription to all the journals.
> I'm interested in speaking to librarians who have either rejected the
> big deal for their  academic library, or are strongly supportive of it.
> Please contact me via e-mail or phone.
> Thanks,
> Andrea Foster
> Assistant Editor
> Chronicle of Higher Education
> 202-466-1740
> andrea.foster@chronicle.com