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Hoovers license issues

Have you successfully negotiated changes to Hoovers' standard license?

Would you be willing to talk about the changes you succeeded in making?

I am making little headway with Hoovers' legal counsel on such language

"Hoover's reserves the right to make any changes to these Terms and
Conditions at any time. The Client is bound to the changes in these Terms
and Conditions as long as the Client's subscription is active. The current
Terms and Conditions may be found at

"Hoover's reserves the right to suspend or terminate Client's access
immediately, without further notice or refund. .."

"Any violation of these terms may result in immediate suspension and/or
termination of the Subscription, without refund." (no provision for
notification or time to remedy violation)

"2.3 Hoover's, Inc., may discontinue or change the Service, or its
availability to Client, at any time without notice."

Definitions of authorized users have been satisfactorily amended to
include walk-in users, authorized remote users, students, staff and
faculty, but there seems to be little flexiblity in other language.

Comments or suggestions are welcome.

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