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Girding Against the Copyright Mob

Girding Against the Copyright Mob
By Brad King ,  Aug. 2, 2002

The simple transfer of music, from home to car to portable device, could
soon be ending. Content companies and consumer advocates are waging a
vicious battle in Washington, with the future of consumer rights -- and
what you can do with products you have purchased -- at stake.  ...
DigitalConsumer.org hopes to stem the introduction of restrictive
legislation, offering a Consumers Bill of Rights
<http://www.digitalconsumer.org/bill.html>, which demands that people have
the right to "time-shift," "space-shift," and "back-up."  ...Those pesky
security wraps also prevent people from watching a DVD on a computer that
runs on the Linux open-source operating system.  Technology companies have
called on lawmakers to address these concerns, but instead they've come to
find that congressional leaders take their cues from movie studios and
record labels.

Noted in digital-copyright Digest 2 Aug 2002 Issue 45