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Blackwell Publishing Online Journals Pricing Structure for 2003

We are pleased to announce that for 2003 Blackwell Publishing has
introduced a unified pricing structure for the majority of journal titles.
This new price structure applies to former Blackwell Publishers, Blackwell
Science, Blackwell Wissenschafts-Verlag, Munksgaard and Futura journals.
For further information, please contact your usual subscription agent or
email me directly at emily.gillingham@blacksci.co.uk

1) Premium Subscription - print with extended online access

All Blackwell Publishing standard print journal subscriptions can be
'topped up' to include premium online access for an additional 10%.
Premium access includes all the advantages of the Blackwell Publishing
Site License and access would be via Blackwell Synergy or other third
party services.

PREMIUM access includes:

* Access to PDF and HTML full-text articles from current content and all
  available online backfiles, dating from 1997/98 in most cases;
* Archival access to paid-for content;
* Access to OnlineEarly articles where available, ie. peer-reviewed
  articles published online before the print issue is completed;
* IP and/or remote user access authentication;
* Free electronic course pack use;
* Inter-library loan (printed from electronic copy);

2) Standard Subscription - print with standard online access

All institutions subscribing to Blackwell Publishing print journals are
now entitled to standard access to the online version through Blackwell
Synergy or other third party services.

STANDARD access includes:

* Access to PDF and HTML full-text articles for the current and previous
  subscription year;
* Access authentication by IP address;
* Customers wishing to activate this access must contact us and adhere
  to our click-through terms and conditions (soon to be posted on our

3) Online Only Subscription

The majority of Blackwell Publishing journals that have an online version
available can be bought at the discounted fee of 90% of the standard
subscription price.  Access is at the PREMIUM level through Blackwell
Synergy or other third party services.  Institutions subscribing to
Blackwell Publishing online only journals must sign our Site License,
which can be found at http://www.blacksci.co.uk/license

**Purchasing Options**

We continue to offer a range of purchasing options for online journals
designed to meet the needs of libraries and library consortia.  For
further information about these options, or for a copy of our 2003
Journals Price List (which includes some exceptions to the pricing
structure), please contact journal.news@blacksci.co.uk

Emily Gillingham
Online Journals Marketing Manager
Blackwell Publishing