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author2reader projects

May be of some interest to liblicense-l readers: see especially
-author2reader projects at Elsevier Science, Baker & Taylor, Thomson
Publishing Services and David & Charles

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From: John Wicker
To: Hamaker, Chuck
Sent: 6/6/02 5:54 PM
Subject: Executive Summary and Transcript


Dear Colleague,

We missed you at our recent event, "Making it Happen with author2reader"
in New York and London. Below is a link to a summary and transcript of the
event, featuring:

- A discussion of author2reader projects at Elsevier Science, Baker &
Taylor, Thomson Publishing Services and David & Charles.

- An outline of the framework approach to systems strategy

- VISTA's plans to extend the framework into areas such as CRM, with
minimal risks but optimal results to better and more profitably service
your customers.

Let me share with you a quote from Barry Hinchmore, General Manager of
Thomson Publishing Services: "We chose the author2reader solutions because
we felt that it best met what we needed both today and tomorrow.
Importantly it was the lowest risk option for us as well and that was
critical. We expect that it will take us less than 5 years to pay back the
investment that we have made."

I would be pleased to provide you with more information about VISTA's
author2reader framework, or feel free to visit our website at
www.vistacomp.com. You can contact me via email or phone at the numbers

Please find below a link to the summary and transcript.

Best regards,

John Wicker
Executive Vice President
VISTA International
+ 1 732 563 9292 ext. 206

section_59334Please click here to download a PDF file of the Executive
Summary and transcript at