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RE: Journal archives (RE: meaning of "systematic")

> Systematic copying for sale is illegal. Such actions don't prove
> or disprove anything about a particular technology.

Unless the technology is what makes it possible to do the copying in a
profitable way.

> Its the action that's illegal.
> There is nothing particularly new about ripoffs.

Well, no.  But isn't there something new about students being able, as a
practical matter, to copy an entire journal run in a matter of minutes and
carry those copies (in a jewel case) to another country, there to make and
sell as many more copies as they wish at little effort and no expense to

My question stands: Was this happening in the print realm, or is it
something that has arisen with the digital age?  If students were
photocopying and reselling entire runs of print journals, then I'd be very
interested to hear about it.

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