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RE: Journal archives (RE: meaning of "systematic")

Systematic copying for sale is illegal. Such actions don't prove or
disprove anything about a particular technology.

It's the action that's illegal.

There is nothing particularly new about ripoffs. cheap printing
technologies made it possible (and lax enforcement of copyright agreements
made it widespread in some countries) to copy textbooks without the right
to do so, and sell them. Such abuses are part of why the U.S. government
has worked to stop illegal operations whether they are books or CD's when
the copying is systematic. That has little to do with the technology,. as
many technologies have been used for the same ends.


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Subject: Journal archives (RE: meaning of "systematic")

>It's my understanding from a conversation with a publisher rep. that there
>had been instances on university campuses where students, particularly
>international students, were downloading entire journal archives, taking
>the electronic version out of the country, and selling them.

Hmmm.  Could it be that piracy really _is_ easier in the online world than
the print one?  Or should we assume that this has been happening all
along, with students photocopying entire print runs of journals and
carrying home reams of photocopies on the airplane?

Rick Anderson