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Online International & Canadian Copyright Course

Please excuse any cross postings.

Re:  Canadian and International Copyright Law

Need to learn more about Canadian and international copyright law but
never seem to have the time to attend a course or read an entire book on
the topic?  Copyrightlaws.com is pleased to announce the first online
course on Canadian and International Copyright Law.

How does it work?  Sign up at:  http://www.acteva.com/go/copyright

The fee is $99 U.S. (Apologies for not offering the course in Canadian
currency as Acteva only currently accepts U.S. currency.)

Then sit back and relax.  Twice a week, beginning the week of May 1, 2002,
you will receive e-lessons for a total of 9 weeks.  Just to make sure you
pay attention to these e-lessons, a quiz testing your knowledge for that
particular e-lesson is included at the end of each lesson.

This online course is based on the best-seller, Canadian Copyright Law 3rd
ed., published by McGraw-Hill Ryerson.  To order a copy of this book, go
to http://copyrightlaws.com.  The author of this book, Lesley Ellen
Harris, has prepared the e-lessons for this unique online course.

The following topics will be addressed in the course:

Understanding intellectual property
What is protected by copyright and how protection is obtained
How international copyright protection works
Who owns copyright
The duration of copyright
Rights protected by copyright
Exceptions to copyright
How can rights be exploited
How is copyright violated
What are the remedies for the violation of copyright
Legally using copyright materials
Comparing Canadian and American copyright laws
Digital copyright and electronic rights

For further information, email:  seminars@copyrightlaws.com.