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Re: L'annee Philogique

Bonnie, and others.  We've only begun this process, so I can't provide an
outcome yet, but we have sent a message to the publisher indicating the
areas (including removing the laws of France) where we would need
adjustment to the license.  We haven't heard back yet, but it's only been
a couple of weeks.  Our next step will be writing again in French.

I'm remaining optimistic for the moment, but am keeping in mind that the
more folks who start submitting their problems with the license, the more
likely the publisher is to become educated quickly on this need.

Kimberly Parker
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At 11:16 AM 3/29/2002 -0500, you wrote:

>[bjcox] Has anyone  yet worked with the license for the Web version of
>L'Annee Philologique? The license is fine until the last clause which
>requires adjudication under the laws of France before the Tribunal de
>Commerce de Paris. [See article 8 of the license agreement:
>The license is in French; we could not find a link to an English version.
>I guess my specific question is whether anyone has tried to negotiate a
>change in this [for us as a state institution, it would have to be
>adjudicated in Kentucky!] and if so what what luck or results?
>Bonnie Jean Cox
>Electronic Resources/Licensing
>University of Kentucky Libraries