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Electronic books event, London 10th April

Electronic books event, London 10th April
[apologies for cross posting]

E-Content: dreams and realities
London April 10th 2002

LITC and co-sponsors Dawson books and JISC are pleased to announce the
final programme for the follow up to last year's Ebooks conference, to be
held in London on 10th April 2002.

We hope it will be a major attraction for all those interested in
electronic books, to find out what publishers and intermediaries are now
offering and how libraries and others are developing exciting new services
with the technology.

E-book realities

o Clifford Lynch (CNI) -- author of the magisterial review The Battle to
  Define the Future of the Book in the Digital World
o Louise Edwards (JISC/Cranfield University) -- JISC's activities, and
  developments in academic libraries
o James Dearnley (Loughborough University) --  public library
o Kate Worlock (EPS) --  overview of publisher strategies for electronic
o Louise Watts (Ingenta) -- ingenta who are investigating electronic books
o Janet Lees (OCLC) -- owners of NetLibrary


Over lunch there will be hands on session with the latest toys and demos
of some of the systems.

E-book futures: showcase / Introduced by David Pearman (UPSO)

o Talking electronic books (Labyrinten Data AB)
o Discipline based full text services (OUP -- Oxford Scholarship Online)
o Custom electronic books (McGraw-Hill)
o Linking technologies (xrefer)
o Standards (Rightscom)

For the full programme and to book go to http://litc.sbu.ac.uk/econtent/