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ERL 5 Licensing Agreement (Ovid Response)

Ovid Technologies is appreciative of the feedback that it has received
regarding the License Agreement for the SilverPlatter Platform as a result
of the release of its newest generation of ERL Technology - WebSPIRS 5.
As a result of this release, questions have been raised about the License
Agreement for the SilverPlatter Platform and we would like to take this
opportunity to respond to the concerns that have been raised.

With the release of WebSPIRS 5, Ovid Technologies did not simultaneously
release a new version of its License Agreement for the SilverPlatter
Platform. The License Agreement is the same for both version 4.3 and
version 5.

We are currently working on harmonizing the Ovid and SilverPlatter User
License Agreements so that there is one License Agreement on behalf of
Ovid Technologies. With the new maintenance release of WebSPIRS 5.01, due
to be released soon, customers who object to the current licensing method
or licensing agreement and would like the text of the license agreement
removed from the user interface, should contact their sales
representative. We remain committed to working with our customers on
resolving any questions or issues that they have regarding our License
Agreement(s) and apologize for any confusion which may have occurred.

Ovid Technologies