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Re: FW: Usage data/license etc.

Here's what we have been doing for ACS:

1. We ignore all the data for specific ip ranges, as we have decided not
   to collect this information.

2. That gives us one line of summary per journal per quarter.

3. We type those numbers into a spreadsheet. Takes only a few minutes each
   quarter. We decided not even to bother with copy and paste because most
   of the time is scrolling down the ip details to find the summary line.
   An example of our data is available. I would be glad to receive your
   data in exchange (don't send to the list).

"Hamaker, Chuck" wrote:
> I'm wondering if anyone has figured out how to use American Chemical
> Society usage data easily - they seem to have pretty good and generally
> standard information, but their formatting is such that you can't easily
> group all data into a spreadsheet. Their text file for import to a
> spreadsheet doesn't "line up". i.e. each title/data set is separate and
> has to be manually manipulated to get it into any standard format.
> has anyone had any sucess getting responses to licensing/contract
> language issues from the Electrochemical Society, WorldScientific, or
> Amazon.com (for their corporate account)?
> Thanks
> Chuck Hamaker
> Associate University Librarian for Collections and Technical Services
> Atkins Library
> University of North Carolina Charlotte
> 704 687-2825