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Re: Barriers to e-access

Hazel Woodward,

SciFinder Scholar (CAS) is a notorious one. As an institution we were
unable to negotiate walk-ins. Later, a COPPUL license was worked out, but
CAS would not budge on the walk-ins.

Diana Kichuk
Electronic Resources Librarian
University of Saskatchewan Library

(306) 966-5926
(306) 966-5932 (fax)

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> Dear colleagues
> I'm working with the Higher Education Funding Council for England on a
> paper for the Research Support Libraries Group about "Resolving barriers
> to e-access" and would value some hard data on the proportion of
> individually-negotiated licences (not standard licences such as the NESLI
> Model Licence) which do not permit walk-in users. We are particularly
> interested in specific data about uncooperative publishers in this regard,
> are there any well-known names?
> Mary