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Harrassowitz/Serials Solutions collaboration

Of possible interest.  The Moderators

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Contact Information:
Steve McCracken, Managing Member (steve@serialssolutions.com)
Serials Solutions, LLC
Seattle, WA
Telephone: (206) 545-9056 ext 12
Fax: (206) 525-9066

Knut Dorn, Ph.D., Managing Partner (kdorn@harrassowitz.de)
Wiesbaden, Germany
Telephone: +49 611 530 200
Fax:  +49 611 530 560

Through an agreement reached in January 2002, Serials Solutions
[www.serialssolutions.com], a leading supplier of library E-journal
reports, and HARRASSOWITZ [www.harrassowitz.de], a leading periodicals
subscription agent, will collaborate to include individual E-journal
subscriptions of their customers in the reports provided by Serials

According to Serials Solutions founder Peter McCracken, "A library's
individual E-journal subscriptions have been a challenge to include in
their Serials Solutions reports.  We have excellent control over the
content of aggregator and gateway system contents, but the library's
individual subscriptions for E-journals, such as those that are free with a
print subscription or online only subscriptions placed through their
subscription agent, are often more difficult to include in our reports or
may require maintenance by the library.  Working with subscription agents
such as HARRASSOWITZ is a great way to enhance our service for our mutual

Dr. Knut Dorn, Managing Partner of HARRASSOWITZ, said "This is a logical
collaboration for us that will benefit our many customers who are also
Serials Solutions customers.  We can help our customers with reports on
their individual subscriptions, and Serials Solutions can help them with
the aggregator and gateway subscriptions.  Working together will be
advantageous for our mutual customers."

According to Co-Founder and Managing Member Steve McCracken, Serials
Solutions will add a check box for HARRASSOWITZ to the Serials Solutions
RFQ page and the Client Center update page.  When a library identifies
HARRASSOWITZ in either of these locations, Serials Solutions will contact
HARRASSOWITZ, who will supply a list of that library's E-journals currently
handled by HARRASSOWITZ. These will be included in the library's next
scheduled Serials Solutions reports.

The collaboration will begin in March 2002.