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ebrary announcement of interest

Dear Friends:

See for yourself how ebrarian for Libraries can greatly benefit your
library and patrons. For a limited time, we a�re offering a complimentary
trial of our new service. To sign up, visit www.ebrary.com/register/trial.
The trial begins on March 1.

ebrarian for Libraries: Multi-User Access to Quality Content at an
Affordable Price

ebrary offers an affordable solution for desktop delivery of valuable
books and other documents from 100+ leading publishers. The unique new
service enables you to offer an unlimited number of patrons simultaneous
access to authoritative titles in key subject areas� the majority of which
were published within the past two years. Best of all, ebrary integrates
with existing catalogue systems (OPAC) and other digital resources. ebrary
is continuously growing its online collection in key subject areas, and
will provide regular content updates at no additional cost.

For more information about ebrary or the complimentary trial, please
contact info@ebrary.com. For information about special regional network
and consortia pricing and other opportunities, please contact

Eileen Brinker
Marketing manager
360 N. Bernardo Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94043
Direct - 650.230.0707
Fax - 650.230.0881