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Re: American Statistical Association license terms

In January 2000 we were able to negotiate a number of important (to us)
changes in the CIS license with Stephen Porzio. My memory is that we were
blocked for awhile, and then Mr. Porzio stepped in and just got it done.
Unfortunately I don't have the license in electronic form, but at least
there is a little history of more flexibility at that time..


At 07:03 PM 2/12/02 -0500, Linda Lewis wrote:
>UNM-Albuquerque is attempting to negotiate for access to the Current Index
>to Statistics, which is produced by the Institute of Mathematical
>Statistics and the ASA, and we are having the same problems (and received
>exactly the same response to our inquiry).  According to our University
>Purchasing Office, which has signature authority, ASA & IMS are
>considering revising the contract. We hope they do take the concerns
>seriously. Meanwhile, we have had temporary access while they discuss the
>fact that we cannot legally sign their contract.
>Linda Lewis
>Director,Collection Management & Resource Acquisitions
>University of New Mexico General Library
>Albuquerque NM 87131