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Re: American Statistical Association license terms

We (The Ohio State University Libraries) refused to sign for similar
reasons in November of 2000.  Thus, we have no access.

I tried to negotiate, but Steve Porzio replied "Unfortunately, I am not in
a position to entertain further discussion of these points."

Obviously they've not changed their perspective in the last 15 months.

-- Trisha Davis

At 08:20 PM 2/11/02 -0500, you wrote:
>UW-Madison recently tried to negotiate license terms for the American
>Statistical Association to access their e-journals via Catchword. We were
>told that they "cannot modify the license for individual subscribers" and
>that "the license must be the same for all who subscribe to [their]
>journals."  Their terms and conditions are posted at
>http://www.catchword.com/asa/tandc.htm . There were two clauses that we
>found problematic and proposed to change: termination without prior notice
>(section 4) and indemnification (Section 6c).
>The representative from ASA did say that they would review feedback from
>subscribers later in the year and possibly modify the terms. Has anyone
>else been in contact with ASA about their terms and conditions? Are there
>others who have opted not to activate access via Catchword for this
>publisher due to their terms as written?
>Any feedback, to the list or directly to me, would be appreciated.
>Aimee Glassel, Electronic Resources Librarian
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>728 State Street * Madison, WI 53706-1494
>ph: 608/262-7120 (NEW) * fax: 608/262-4861
>email: aglassel@library.wisc.edu