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RE: Kluwer Online Journals: A solution

In situations like this, where the problem is the access control rather
than the source data, the best course for publishers is to simply make
access free to everyone until they have fixed the problem. It offers them
the opportunity of providing a free public trial for a short period, as
well as avoiding disappointing their existing customers. They could easily
put in a page explaining this, and making a major public relations problem
into a free advertising opportunity.

David Goodman, Princeton University Biology Library
dgoodman@princeton.edu            609-258-3235

> I'd like to briefly address Liz's comments/questions about Kluwer Online.
> We have indeed had problems setting up access for subscribers to the
> electronic versions of our journals (there are, at this time, customers
> who have access -- just not enough of them).
> On January 2 we migrated our content to a new server, and while the
> initial technical problems were resolved within a few days, we found that
> data control problems had developed as well.  This required the
> re-entering of (almost) every order placed in 2001; since then, we've had
> three (internal) server crashes affecting the processing of access
> registration.  All in all, an ugly experience -- no more for us, of
> course, than for our subscribers and readers.
> We are working to rectify matters, and I hope that starting Monday, access
> will be activated for more and more subscribers each day.  It would be
> hard for me to make any promises at this point, but the latest information
> I have from our access administration unit (which is based in the
> Netherlands) is that they expect access to be more readily available
> beginning Monday morning.
> Customers who wish to discuss their individual orders may contact me
> directly, their Kluwer sales representative, or send an e-mail message to
> <klwueronline@wkap.nl>, which is the address of our customer support unit
> and is checked regularly.  If you have any questions about this matter or
> Kluwer in general, you may contact me at any time.
> Thanks.
> Adam Chesler
> Marketing Manager, Electronic Products and Services
> Kluwer Academic Publishers
> 101 Philip Drive
> Norwell, MA 02061
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