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Kluwer Online Journals

Dear liblicense-l list,

My Library has an electronic only subscription to Kluwer journals.  Since
the first week of January 2002, the Library has been without access due to
technical problems with the Kluwer server.  Our Library has been in close
contact with the Kluwer office in Boston, and no date can be provided when
online access will return.  How is your Library handling this lost of
access for the past three weeks? (From my conversation with Adam Chesler,
at Kluwer, no academic library has online access).  Has anyone requested
that they be reimbursed with January print subscriptions, or requested
other arrangements?  I am disappointed in Kluwer's failure to resolve
their technical problems in a timely manner.

Any suggestion or information is welcomed.  Private communication will be
kept confidential.


Elizabeth R. Lorbeer
Collection Development Manager
Library of Rush University