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E-Choice Press Release

More on the Elsevier E-Choice offering.  The Moderators

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January 18, 2002
Jean Lawton
Communications Director
Elsevier Science
Tel: (+31) 20 485 2661
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Elsevier Science launches E-Choice license -
Expanding suite of ScienceDirect licensing options

Amsterdam, January 18, 2002 - In response to market demand and in
conjunction with the integration of Academic Press journals onto
ScienceDirect (www.sciencedirect.com), Elsevier Science is launching
E-Choice - a new electronic license option for ScienceDirect.

E-Choice offers electronic subscriptions to a licensee's selected
collection of Elsevier Science and Academic Press journals. E-Choice also
offers each licensee the opportunity to purchase print subscriptions to
the same selected titles at deeply discounted prices. However, there is no
requirement that any E-Choice licensee maintain print subscriptions.
E-Choice is an addition to the current range of Elsevier Science print and
electronic subscription options for academic libraries.

E-Choice allows each academic library to pace its transition from print
holdings while maintaining its core journal collection in electronic
format. Elsevier Science has improved the electronic-only licensing model
- popular with IDEAL customers - by including in E-Choice four years of
backfile access for journals in each institution's e-collection at no
added cost.

Academic Press journals are expected to be fully loaded onto ScienceDirect
by May of this year. Elsevier Science invites current IDEAL licensees to
move to the ScienceDirect platform under the E-Choice model during 2002.

Of benefit to libraries, E-Choice simplifies the licensing process by
providing one unified convenient license for both Elsevier Science and
Academic Press journals. Of benefit to end-users, E-Choice provides access
to the ScienceDirect platform - delivering exceptional speed, reliability,
searching and linking across a larger collection of important research

Elsevier Science Chairman Derk Haank stated, "We are pleased to offer
E-Choice, the latest in our range of innovative ScienceDirect licensing
options. The increased demand for e-only licensing anticipates the needs
of the future. Today, though the research process is already enhanced
though online searching, linking and other electronic features, journal
publishing remains in a transitional stage.

"In the long term, however, the electronic journal article will stand
apart more definitively from the print version. E-Choice provides a path
to the future, for the world's leading scientists and researchers, and for
the world's leading journals."

Details about E-Choice appear at www.info.sciencedirect.com

About ScienceDirect and IDEAL

Together, ScienceDirect and IDEAL are the world's largest online providers
of scientific, technical and medical information and currently offer
subscribers desktop access to the full text of close to 1,500 journals,
representing more than 1.7 million full-text articles, as well as a
growing range of abstracting and indexing databases. The rich linking
environment on both platforms provides subscribers with extensive access
to the world's published STM literature. By May 2002, all IDEAL journals
will appear on ScienceDirect.

About Elsevier Science

Elsevier Science (www.elsevier.com) is headquartered in Amsterdam, The
Netherlands. The company is the world's largest scientific, technical and
medical information provider and publishes over 1,500 journals as well as
books and secondary databases. It is a member of the Reed Elsevier plc
group (www.reedelsevier.com), a world-leading publisher and information
provider. Operating in the scientific, legal and business-to-business
sectors, Reed Elsevier provides high-quality and flexible information
solutions to professional end users, with increasing emphasis on the
Internet as means of delivery.

Further Information:
Chrysanne Lowe
Vice President of Account Development and Channel Marketing
Elsevier Science
Tel: 619-699-6719
San Diego, California, USA