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Re: What's in a name?

Well, the terms "library" and "librarian" have worked for a very, very
long time.  Information centers and Information professionals just doesn't
cut it in my view nor do any of the alternate names I've heard.  If it
ain't broke, don't fix it!

I just came back from a seminar where an anecdote was passed on by one of
the speakers.  It seems a major library director had a VP to whom he
reported who came from the misinformed and intellectually challenged
segment of the human race.  This person would repeat the lament heard by
many of us from other idiots.  "Why put up buildings and shelves and such
when we all know that libraries will be disappearing, replaced by
electronic information kiosks." This ding-dong was pushing to change the
name of the library to information center or similar.  At a subsequent
meeting of university adminstration some big wig from LC or some such
place was attending.  This VP asked her if it wasn't time to change
library to information center (or whatever).  The big wig replied that
Library and Librarian works just fine, are descriptive and understood
world-wide.  The library director heard no more dumb remarks from that VP,
at least not in reference to name changes for the library.

I don't care if they change my title to King of the Library.  I am and
will always be a librarian and, God willing, a retired librarian.

Tom Williams
University of South Alabama.

> Apologies for cross-posting!!!
> Hi  All
> Is the professional title 'Librarian' a little old -fashioned these days?
> I'd be interested to know about alternative names for your professional
> posts in the serials ( in all formats) library world. I'm actually quite
> proud to be a serials and inter-lending librarian - my work encompasses
> all sorts of serials - print , electronic , and inter-library loans and
> other document delivery. However I think I'm the only 'librarian' left on
> the staff here. Everyone else is an advisor or manager (but this term is
> reserved for heads of our library depts which isn't me). We wondering what
> else might fit the bill. 'Administrator' is one suggestion or how about
> 'co-ordinator'? I certainly do a lot of co-ordinating in my job!!! All
> suggestions gratefully received but don't all rush at once.... Replies to
> me PERSONALLY please - if you spare the lists I'll summarise for you.
> Thank you for indulging me.
> Ros Doig
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