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American Geophysical Union Electronic options!

Just got the mailer on AGU's new "deal"

-the logic driving this pricing seems to be pure fear, and AGU should have
long ago gotten over its fear of academic institutions. This pricing is
not only agressive its offensive .  .

JGR Solid Earth: price instutions print or fiche $3,000

Electronic only: less than 50 phd's per year(institution class 4) $4,345.

Electronic only: more than 50 phd's per year (class 5 institution) $6,517

plus print raises it to $6879 from $3,000!! add print to electronic only,
add $362

JGR all, print $6,400

JGR all Electronic only less than 50 phd's $8,962

JGR all Electronic only more than 50 phd's per year $13,444

AND if you want the all print on top of the electronic add $1,622 to those

I believe the library community should send AGU a message that they are
retarding access to their literature with such pricing practices.Most
other professional /association journals are actively creating a welcoming
electronic option. This approach will only mean AGU's titles will be less
available to those who need them.

Their rationale in the circular letter they sent out is steeped in logic I
consider embarassing coming from a professional organization.

I fear  they could self destruct with this approach.

Chuck Hamaker