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JNCI Cancer Spectrum

Hi LibLicense Readers.  I'm trying to find out if other libraries have
decided to subscribe to the new JNCI Cancer Spectrum that replaces the
online version of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.  In 2002
the price for both the print and online versions of the Journal of the
National Cancer Institute will jump from $265 to $1235 for the University
of Rochester.  Price is now based on an institution's FTE and Oxford
University Press insists on using the FTE for the whole University
including a liberal arts undergraduate campus and a School of Music,
instead of the FTE of the medical campus.  This huge price increase seems
particularly unfair since Oxford University Press publishes this journal
for the National Cancer Institute - an agency of the US government.

Michele Shipley
Information Resources Coordinator
Edward G. Miner Library
University of Rochester
601 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, NY  14642
(716)275-4799 (fax)