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Fesibility of an Archival Article DTD

In the Fall of 2001, under the auspices of a Mellon Grant to explore
ejournal archiving, Harvard University Library contracted with Inera, Inc.
to review a variety of DTDs from selected publishers.  The study focused
on two key questions:  Can a common DTD be designed and developed into
which publishers' proprietary SGML files can be transformed to meet the
requirements of an archiving institution?  If such a structure can be
developed, what are the issues that will be encountered when transforming
publishers' SGML files into the archive structure for deposit into the
archive?  The requirement of the archival article DTD was defined as
ability to represent the intellectual content of journal articles. This
study is now freely available at:

The following ten publishers and hosting services contributed their DTDs,
documentation and samples for use in this study:

American Institute of Physics
Blackwell Science
Elsevier Science
Highwire Press
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Pubmed Central
University of Chicago Press
John Wiley & Sons

We encourage all interested parties to read and comment on this study.
Comments may be sent to Marilyn Geller, Project Manager
(marilyn.geller@mindspring.com) and Bruce Rosenblum, primary author
(bruce@inera.com).  Please feel free to distrtibute this message to