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How to Deal with the Discontinued E-Resources

The CONCERT (CONsortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan) members
have licensed eShaman.com since it was named ComputerSelect Web two years
ago.  The eShaman.com was discontinued on Oct. 28, 2001.

According to what the anonymous person from the email address
(eShamanResearchCenter@shamancorp.com) stated 'If you are entitled to a
refund, a process is being put in place to address these issues'... We
then followed with a list of names of our memebers that are entitled to
get prorated refund.  The total amount goes to USD4,806.  And, we have
been confirmed with everything through that same address.

More than one month has been elapsed, we still have not heard anything
from the company.  About two weeks ago, we asked the name of the person
who is responsible for the process and the definte date for the
reimbursement, no feedback at all.

We wonder if any of you have encountered the kind of discountinuation or
similar case.  How are you dealing with it?  Does it stand for reason
asking for prorated refund?  Can anyone out there share with us your
experience, if you are just as unlucky as we are?  We will be more than
grateful to hear from you.

Mei-yuh Shih
CONsortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan
Email: mei@mail.stic.gov.tw