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Introducing the B.E. Journals in Macroeconomics

Of possible interest; a new presence in e-journal publishing.


Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 10:03:51 -0800
To: BEJM recipients:;
From: "info@bepress.com" <info@bepress.com>
Subject: Introducing The B.E. Journals in Macroeconomics

Professors Chad Jones, UC Berkeley, Per Krusell, University of Rochester,
David Romer, UC Berkeley, and Robert Shimer, Princeton University,
together with The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress), are proud to
introduce a new family of electronic journals - The B.E. Journals in
Macroeconomics.  This message serves a dual purpose: to explain why the
bepress system has been deemed "[among] the most promising projects
reshaping the world of scholarly communication" (Library Journal, Nov. 1,
2001) and to invite your institution to subscribe to The B.E. Journals in

The B.E. Journals in Macroeconomics publish significant research and
scholarship in both theoretical and applied macroeconomics.  The range of
topics includes business cycle research, economic growth, and monetary
economics, as well as the substantial areas of overlap between
macroeconomics and international economics, labor economics, finance,
development economics, political economy, public economics, and
econometric theory.  For more details, please visit
http://www.bepress.com/bejm .

The bepress system eliminates the years of delay often associated with the
traditional publication process.  Submissions are simultaneously
considered for publication in one of four peer-reviewed journals,
converting the archaic sequential submission process into an efficient
parallel model. Submissions to The B.E. Journals in Macroeconomics receive
consideration for each of the following titles: Frontiers of
Macroeconomics, Advances in Macroeconomics, Contributions to
Macroeconomics, and Topics in Macroeconomics.

This model has already won widespread praise within the economics
community.  To date, the journals have published papers by leading
scholars from Stanford, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania,
the World Bank, and many other prestigious institutions. Researchers have
embraced the bepress web model's efficient submission process, streamlined
communication among authors, editors, and reviewers, and timely
publication policies.

Access to The B.E. Journals in Macroeconomics will soon be moving from
open access to a subscription model.  As we make this transition, please
consider the following:

- The Berkeley Electronic Press is committed to providing quality
scholarly journals at an affordable price.  We aim to hold the
subscription cost of our peer-reviewed economics journals at least 33%
below the discipline average.  Libraries may subscribe to the package of
all four Macroeconomics journals for a one-year price of $500, or for a
three-year price of $1000. [NOTE: Full pricing and licensing information
may be found in the attached document.]

- Licenses to Berkeley Electronic Press journals will include a permanent
archiving solution.  Your library will have perpetual access to the
electronic content to which you subscribe.

- Access to Berkeley Electronic Press journals will be unrestricted within
your community.  No seat license or simultaneous user caps to administer
and enforce.

For more information contact the Berkeley Electornic Press.


Aaron Edlin
Robert Cooter
Benjamin Hermalin
Co-founders, Berkeley Electronic Press
Professors, University of California, Berkeley

The Berkeley Electronic Press
2114 Berkeley Way
Berkeley, CA 94704
(510) 981-0910
(510) 981-0907 fax

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