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Position Announcement: Executive Director, Multicountry Consortium

I thought list members would be interested in the announcement of this
exciting and challenging new position.  Please also feel free to nominate
appropriate individuals.  Please accept my apologies for cross-posting
this announcement to multiple lists


Executive Director, Electronic Information Services to Libraries
Consortium (eIFL-NET)

eIFL-Net is a new independent, non-profit, multi-country consortium of
library consortia dedicated to leading, supporting, motivating, and
advocating for the electronic information needs of all library users in
countries of transition.  Its main mission is to deliver affordable access
to electronic information through collaboration with member consortia.
There are currently more than 40 member countries, with membership
expected to expand to well over 70 countries. eIFL- Net seeks to develop
and deliver effective, affordable, timely, and responsive programs and
services for the advancement of global information access through
collaboration and resource sharing among its member consortia on behalf of
the libraries in their countries. Financial stability during the first
three years will be made possible through the substantial financial
support from the Open Society Institute. During the third year of
operation, the members will evaluate the success of the program to
determine the future of the program. The eIFL-Net offices will be in
Western Europe.

eIFL-NET is seeking an Executive Director who possesses strong diplomatic,
interpersonal and communication abilities, combined with the depth of
experience to be able to handle general management, fiscal affairs,
technology, and negotiations with providers and members in a multi-
national, multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment. In addition, the
executive director must have a strong grasp of the forces that are shaping
the electronic information environment.

A detailed description of the position and the required qualifications is
available on http://www.eifl.net The venue of eIFL-NET will be in Western
Europe. Highly competitive renumeration with fringe benefits will be


The Executive Director is responsible for leading eIFL-Net and for
developing and managing its programs. This senior management position has
broad responsibility for the operational and fiscal management of a
revenue-based organization under the policy- level direction of the
Governing Board. The Executive Director manages the work of eIFL-Net staff
and a team of consultants. Primary responsibilities include:

Build the eIFL-Net organization, including development of external sources
of funding Lead the building of national consortia Develop licenses for
multi-country electronic information Provide educational and consulting
programs and services for members Work globally to influence the
information environment and economic models

The Executive Director is responsible for: developing and recommending to
the Board eIFL-Net plans, programs and services; meeting regularly with
eIFL-Net members; cooperating and coordinating the ongoing eIFL-Net
activities among member consortia; representing and advocating for
eIFL-Net and its members; and representing eIFL-Net to external funding
and sponsoring agencies.

The Executive Director must be willing to live in the home country of
eIFL-Net, and engage in a significant amount of travel to members on
multiple continents to meet with member consortia, funding agencies, and
to attend relevant international meetings and conferences.


The complexities of eIFL-Net require a full-time senior management who
possesses general managerial experience. It is highly desirable for the
Executive Director to have experience in libraries or information-based
organizations, and in organizational development.

Required qualifications: Dynamic and highly motivated individual with
senior leadership and management experience in a library or
information-oriented organization, service organization, or association.
Strong business, fiscal management, fundraising, diplomatic,
communications, managerial, financial and technical abilities. Strong
skills in strategic planning, and in organizational development, fiscal,
technical, and program management. Excellent oral and written
communication skills, particularly in the English language. Significant
understanding of the role of libraries in society, and a commitment to
advancing their work. An awareness of the impact of technology on
libraries and the organizations they serve.

Preferred qualifications: Experience in organizational development in an
international setting;  developing and managing entrepreneurial projects,
marketing, publications, public relations, and fund-raising (partnerships,
sponsorships, and endowments); technology as it relates to libraries and
information; and, market research analysis. An understanding and
experience managing independent and non-profit membership organizations.
Multi-cultural experience, and language proficiency in one or more
languages of the member countries. Master's degree from an library
education program, with an additional master's degree in public or
business administration, or a related discipline.

Salary and Benefits: Highly competitive, depending upon qualifications.
Salary bonus may be available depending upon success in fundraising.

Interested applicants should send their cover letter, full curriculum
vitae in English, and contact details of three professional referees to:

       Martin Dunstone
       Adminconsult Rt. / Human Resources Department
       Oktober 6. u. 12

Applications may also be sent by fax to: +36-1-327-3133 or e-mail:

Applications should arrive no later than Friday November 30th, 2001.

Arnold Hirshon
Executive Director, NELINET
153 Cordaville Road, Suite 200, Southborough MA 01772
voice: 508-597-1934 -- fax:   508-460-9455
Email: ahirshon@nelinet.net -- http://www.nelinet.net/ahirshon