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recent netLibrary.com news

Excerpt from PW online:



In Hard Times, netLibrary & Adobe Look to Build Anew

What is it about Friday and technology rumors? Today's juice comes from
several places. First, netLibrary, which our colleagues at Library
Journal's Academic Newswire reports as having its assets frozen, may be
getting closer to finding a buyer.

In the LJ story, netLibrary's Marge Gammon alluded to an unnamed buyer.
Today, news came that Gammon might be referring to OCLC, the library
computer-service and research organization. An OCLC official would not
confirm or deny the report. Word at NIST earlier in the week also hinted
at the possibility of EBSCO, the magazine archive and research service, as
one of the possible candidates.

At NIST, netLibrary's booth sat empty and its problems were dissected by
attendees. Having already signed up 300 publisher contracts and digitized
more than 40,000 books, netLibrary could make an attractive buy for a
major library player, such as the two aforementioned companies.

--end of extract--