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RE: Lingua Franca Bites the Dust?

This is awful.  Two of my favorite articles ever published -- Alan Sokal's
hoax revelation and an expose of Edwin Mellen Press -- came from Lingua
Franca.  I can't imagine what publication will fill this now-empty niche.

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> Sorry, folks, this has nothing to do with licensing at all, but it will be
> of interest to many who were avid readers of the academic/humanities
> magazine, Lingua Franca.  We want to pay tribute to it here and we will
> miss it a great deal.  Maybe it will rise again; meanwhile, RIP.
> We also wish the best of continuing futures for Mr. Kittay's excellent web
> resource, Arts & Letters Daily ; and for his superb academic publication,
> University Business.
> Ann Okerson