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Article in The Charleston Advisor

Dear Friends,

My essay, "Publish and Perish: Confronting the Post-*Tasini* World,"
appears in the October 2001 issue of The Charleston Advisor. The article,
which assesses writers' rights in new technologies in the wake of the
Supreme Court's June ruling in *Tasini v. New York Times*, can be viewed
at <http://charlestonco.com/features.cfm?id=75&type=ed>.

The Charleston Advisor, a journal aimed at librarians and information
professionals, deserves special commendation for inviting me to write this
piece. The president of the company is Rebecca Lenzini, a founder and
former president of CARL/UnCover, the defendant in *Ryan v. CARL*. I was a
consultant to the plaintiffs' attorneys in that case, which settled last
year for $7.25 million.

- Irv Muchnick

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