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>> Rick Anderson said:"This is the essence of the tension between libraries
>> and publishers.  We want to give away what they want to sell."
> I disagree with this analysis. Pat Schroeder would agree with Rick
> Anderson.

Yikes!  Clearly, I'd better change my ways.  ;-)

> IF we didn't provide access to what we purchase we wouldn't have
> a reason to exist. It isn't a matter of "give away" it is the sole reason
> your library and mine exist, to provide support to our users for access to
> resources.

I'm not sure I follow this sentence entirely, but I think you're agreeing
with me, Chuck.  We want to buy a single subscription and give lots of
people access to it.  Publishers would rather sell lots of subscriptions.

> Libraries want to pay an equitable and fair price for the
> resources our users need to use. That is the "essence of the tension".

This is true, too.  Of course, a big part of the problem is that
librarians and publishers often disagree on what constitutes an "equitable
and fair price."  Yes, Elsevier has admitted that its price increases
can't be justified purely on the basis of inflation and cost increases,
but so what? Why should Elsevier be expected to raise prices merely at a
rate that recoups costs when it can get away with raising prices to a
level that actually increases profits?  I think most of us would say
"Because Elsevier's business is intrinsically connected to the business of
education and research, and there are higher values at work in that world
than the value of maximum profit."  I agree with this sentiment.  That's
another reason for the tension between librarians and publishers; price
and number of subscriptions both translate into outlays for libraries and
income for publishers.

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