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RE: Elsevier no longer signing consortial agreements for ScienceDirect

To readers of Liblicense:

I was amazed to see this last message on liblicense.

Let me put the record straight immediately:

Elsevier has been, is and will be signing consortial agreements. While
these agreements follow generic principles across the board, clearly we
are customizing each one to suit the needs of the specific consortium at

There is absolutely no intention at Elsevier to discontinue our efforts
with consortia.  In fact at this point in time I am personally aware of
many discussions and negotiations going on with consortia around the world
and my staff in the regional sales offices of Elsevier.

Roland D.J. Dietz
Managing Director, Global Sales and Marketing
Elsevier Science
Elsevier Science
655, Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10010-5107
Tel 212-633-3945

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From: Doina Farkas [mailto:DFARKAS@library.unt.edu]
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Subject: Elsevier no longer signing consortial agreements for

From: ramirez@amigos.org
Subject: UNT - ScienceDirect
To: dfarkas@library.unt.edu
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 12:11:43 -0500

Hello Doina,

You had asked me a couple of months ago if Amigos would be offering
ScienceDirect (Elsevier). I checked with Jeff and he contacted another
library network that had worked with Elsevier to offer consortial pricing.
The network said that Elsevier had told them that they were no longer
offering consortial licenses or shared access.

Some vendors prefer to deal directly with libraries instead of working
with networks or consortia.

Bea Ramirez
A-Plus Services/Product Specialist
Amigos Library Services
14400 Midway Rd
Dallas, TX 75244
972/851-8000 ext.106
972/991-6061 Fax