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Re: NEJM - change in online access

>Message from David Goodman at Princeton University:

>(It surprises me that such a reputable organization like Highwire Press
>should cooperate in a scheme such as this.)

I'm intrigued by this comment. Highwire did essentially the same awhile back 
when 'Blood' and 'Pediatrics,' I believe, restricted access to the online 
version from workstations within the library (bringing new meaning to the 
term 'remote access').

A few years ago when I was head of Coll. Mgmt. at an academic medical 
library, I asked Highwire the question at a NASIG conference but wasn't 
reassured when I heard the response - Highwire was going to try to convince 
the publishers to change their ways by working *with* them. Call me cynical, 
but isn't Highwire also in the business of publishing (and making money)?

I'm glad that Nature has finally changed its terms but it took many, many 
years and some of us still bear the battle scars from trying to explain to 
faculty (and colleagues) why we were taking a stand against certain 
publishers. Yes, eventually it worked in one high-profile case, but I think 
it's oversimplifying matters to suggest that one just has to point users to 
the publishers to lodge a complaint.

Reeta Sinha, MPH, MSLS

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