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Wiley 2002 Access Policy

>From Alfred Kraemer:

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From: "Alfred Kraemer" <akraemer@mcw.edu>
To: <liblicense-l@lists.yale.edu>
Subject: Wiley 2002 access policy
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 10:37:53 -0500

I suspect many of the subscribers to this list have received the Wiley
InterScience 2002 access policy.

After a first reading of the email from Wiley I feel the access policy
raises many questions and concerns about the costs/benefits of licenses to
journals with very limiting access options.

The announced Wiley access policy presents two different electronic access
options - with differences that are somewhat obscure:

1. Basic Access License (BAL) available for an additional 5% over the
'base journal fee'. The base journal fee seems to be the price of a print

Although it is not stated in the 'list of benefits' it appears to me that
the BAL does not include access to the full electronic archive - that is
listed as one of the 'benefits' of the Enhanced Access License (EAL).
Therefore, what does the BAL include concerning electronic archive access
and number of simultaneous users?

In addition, I find it unacceptable that a major journal publisher does
not offer usage data with a separately priced electronic license. (Usage
stats are one of the 'benefits' of the EAL). If further clarification from
the publisher about the differences between BAL and EAL, confirm a
significant extra cost for e-access to Wiley journals we have to be able
to make choices on usage data.

2. By the way, no pricing information is listed with the EAL.

On a somewhat 'sour' note: Many of you will remember the Wiley price
increase in the first year when Wiley included a limited e-access option
with the print subscription. Some subscription prices increased by about
20% within one year!

Please share your information/assessment of the new Wiley access policy.

Thank you.

Alfred Kraemer
Head, Technical Services
Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries
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Milwaukee, WI 53226

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