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IFLA Discussion Group on Licensing

Please attend:

IFLA Discussion Group on Licensing
Sunday, 19 August 2001, 11:30am - 13:20pm
Recently, several key organizations have announced new programs that
support free or very inexpensive scholarly e-journal access for developing
nations (with particular emphasis currently on the biomedical sciences, as
well as in other fields).
Accordingly, the IFLA Discussion Group on Licensing is changing its topic
and will devote its entire two-hour discussion period in Boston to these
import and exciting developments.
A few brief presentations will be given, after which the floor will be
opened up to reports of other free access programs and discussion from all
participants regarding impacts, as well as whether IFLA should take a role
in actively supporting such access.
The discussants will include:
o Barbara Aronson, World Health Organization Library, Geneva, Switzerland
(arrangement with six biomedical publishers to provide their journals)

o Karen Hunter, Elsevier Science, New York, USA (participating in WHO
access program)

o Michael Kay, Open Society institute, Budapest, Hungary (access programs
for 38 Eastern European countries plus South Africa)

o Bonnie Zavon, HighWire Press, Stanford, USA (HighWire access program for
developing countries).
Please join us for this stimulating event.
Ann Okerson
Convener, IFLA Discussion Group on Licensing