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RE: Fwd: Publishers' licenses for e-journals accessed throughCat chword, Ingenta et al.

>From Catchword's Guidelines for Use, found at
http://giorgio.catchword.com/guidelines.htm :

"Institutional subscribers are not normally required to sign a contract.
If you require a formal licensing agreement please contact the appropriate
publisher directly. The journals on CatchWord's system are published by a
number of different publishers as indicated in our title list. These
guidelines are intended to cover all of the journals on the system. Any
variations to these guidelines should be negotiated directly with each
publisher concerned."

To me this sounds like if "you," the subscriber, require a formal
agreement you should contact the publisher.  I would expect that the
publishers who have established a relationship with Catchword have
reviewed and accepted Catchword's Guidelines for Use.

I would think that if a publisher wanted to impose more restrictive terms
and conditions it would be their responsibility to contact the subscriber.
Why would a library search out more restrictive terms if the publisher has
already provided access to the content?

Deborah Lenares
Electronic Content Specialist
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From: Michael Young <youngm@albany.edu>
Date: Thursday, August 9, 2001 9:54 am
Subject: Fwd: Publishers' licenses for e-journals accessed through 
Catchword, Ingenta et al.

> Good Afternoon:
> I am seeking to benefit from the knowledge and experience of colleagues 
> who have arranged access to e-journals through intermediaries such as 
> Catchword and Ingenta. A colleague here went to MIT Press's Web Site to 
> get a number required by Catchword for registration for electronic access 
> to one of MIT's journals. There she discovered that there was a license 
> agreement for this and other titles, although there had been no hint from 
> Catchword of the necessity for such an agreement. MIT Press confirmed that

> the license had to be signed within three months of the beginning of 
> access. How common is this? Is it incumbent upon the person arranging 
> access with Catchword (or whomever) to determine whether a license must be

> signed? Is there any convenient way of determining whether a license is 
> required?
> Any assistance with this will be greatly appreciated.
> __________________________
> Michael Young
> youngm@albany.edu