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Re: Fwd: Publishers' licenses for e-journals accessed throughCatchword, Ingenta et al.


The policy here at UW-Madison is that prior to activation of any
e-journals available through Ingenta/Catchword (even if free w/print), we
search the publisher's websites for a license/terms which may apply to our
access to their journals, even if through a third party. We will not
activate titles by a given publisher, or include links to titles in our
OPAC even if titles were activated directly by publisher, until we have
reviewed, and negotiated if necessary, the license/terms.

Aimee Glassel, Electronic Resources Librarian
General Library System - CTS * Memorial Library, Room 324
728 State Street * Madison, WI 53706-1494
ph:608/262-3291 * fax: 608/262-4861
email: aglassel@library.wisc.edu

Michael Young wrote:
> Good Afternoon:
> I am seeking to benefit from the knowledge and experience of colleagues
> who have arranged access to e-journals through intermediaries such as
> Catchword and Ingenta. A colleague here went to MIT Press's Web Site to
> get a number required by Catchword for registration for electronic access
> to one of MIT's journals. There she discovered that there was a license
> agreement for this and other titles, although there had been no hint from
> Catchword of the necessity for such an agreement. MIT Press confirmed that
> the license had to be signed within three months of the beginning of
> access. How common is this? Is it incumbent upon the person arranging
> access with Catchword (or whomever) to determine whether a license must be
> signed? Is there any convenient way of determining whether a license is
> required?
> Any assistance with this will be greatly appreciated.
> Michael Young
> youngm@albany.edu