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Re: How Does Your Library Handle Electronic Serials? A General Survey

I would like to submit my response to your questionnaire but when I go to
send, I get the response that I have not filled out question for, which I
have, and then that there is some other error.  I tried to enter my email
address but then you ask for a password, and there is no password to enter.

It's a good survey and we would like to particpate.

Bob Sewell

Mark Jordan wrote:

> Please excuse any crossposting. Feel free to forward this message to any
> individuals who may be interested or to appropriate discussion lists.
> This is a call for participation in the survey "How Does Your Library
> Handle Electronic Serials? A General Survey". The survey's purpose is to
> gather information on how libraries of all types and sizes manage
> electronic, fulltext serials of all types, collectively referred to as
> "eserials" and including electronic versions of refereed journals,
> magazines, newsletters, newspapers, etc. The survey's focus is on the
> technical aspects of managing eserials and also on some basic collection
> policy issues, and is intended to serve as an environmental scan of how
> libraries are currently addressing the challenges of providing access to
> fulltext electronic serials. Staff from any type of library, anywhere in
> the world are invited to participate in the survey.
> The aim is to collect one survey per library, not from multiple
> individuals from the same library. To support collaboration among your
> colleagues from the same library, you may create a login "account" that
> you can share with your colleagues. An additional benefit of logging in is
> that after the survey closes you may view your own library's results in
> relation to the aggregated results of the survey. Instructions for logging
> in can be found at the survey URL below. The researchers will not divulge
> any user IDs or passwords entered by participants or use this ID for any
> purposes other than those stated on the web page where you create the
> account.
> You may complete the survey anonymously if you do not intend to
> collaborate with colleagues or do not want to view your library's results
> after the survey closes.
> The closing date is September 30, 2001. Preliminary results of the survey
> will be presented at the Access 2001 Conference.
> The URL of the survey is http://www.targetinform.com/eserials/
> Mark Jordan
> Librarian / Analyst, Systems Division
> W.A.C. Bennett Library, Simon Fraser University
> Tel: 1 604 291 5753 Fax: 1 604 291 3023
> Email: mjordan@sfu.ca
> Dave Kisly
> Project Coordinator
> BC Electronic Library Network (ELN)
> Tel: 1 604 431 3419 Fax: 1 604 431 3381
> Email: davidk@ola.bc.ca