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How Does Your Library Handle Electronic Serials? A General Survey

Please excuse any crossposting. Feel free to forward this message to any
individuals who may be interested or to appropriate discussion lists.

This is a call for participation in the survey "How Does Your Library
Handle Electronic Serials? A General Survey". The survey's purpose is to
gather information on how libraries of all types and sizes manage
electronic, fulltext serials of all types, collectively referred to as
"eserials" and including electronic versions of refereed journals,
magazines, newsletters, newspapers, etc. The survey's focus is on the
technical aspects of managing eserials and also on some basic collection
policy issues, and is intended to serve as an environmental scan of how
libraries are currently addressing the challenges of providing access to
fulltext electronic serials. Staff from any type of library, anywhere in
the world are invited to participate in the survey.

The aim is to collect one survey per library, not from multiple
individuals from the same library. To support collaboration among your
colleagues from the same library, you may create a login "account" that
you can share with your colleagues. An additional benefit of logging in is
that after the survey closes you may view your own library's results in
relation to the aggregated results of the survey. Instructions for logging
in can be found at the survey URL below. The researchers will not divulge
any user IDs or passwords entered by participants or use this ID for any
purposes other than those stated on the web page where you create the

You may complete the survey anonymously if you do not intend to
collaborate with colleagues or do not want to view your library's results
after the survey closes.

The closing date is September 30, 2001. Preliminary results of the survey
will be presented at the Access 2001 Conference.

The URL of the survey is http://www.targetinform.com/eserials/

Mark Jordan
Librarian / Analyst, Systems Division
W.A.C. Bennett Library, Simon Fraser University
Tel: 1 604 291 5753 Fax: 1 604 291 3023
Email: mjordan@sfu.ca

Dave Kisly
Project Coordinator
BC Electronic Library Network (ELN)
Tel: 1 604 431 3419 Fax: 1 604 431 3381
Email: davidk@ola.bc.ca