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Adobe eBook software and DMCA

Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 11:15:26 +0200
From: "De Beer, Jennifer" <jad@maties.sun.ac.za>
Subject: Adobe eBook software and DMCA

This might be of interest to list members:

San Francisco - The FBI arrested Russian citizen Dmitry Sklyarov in Las
Vegas, Nevada, yesterday on charges of distributing a product designed to
circumvent copyright protection measures. Sklyarov, who was in Las Vegas
to deliver a lecture on electronic book security, allegedly authored a
program which permits editing, copying, and printing of electronic books
by unlocking a proprietary Adobe electronic book format. Charged in one of
the first United States criminal prosecutions under the Digital Millenium
Copyright Act (DMCA), Sklyarov is currently in custody in Las Vegas
pending transfer to the United States District Court in San Francisco. The
case involves Advanced eBook Processor software developed by Sklyarov's
Russian employer Elcomsoft. (July 17, 2001)

More info at http://www.eff.org/IP/DMCA/US_v_Sklyarov/



Jennifer De Beer
IT - Universiteit Stellenbosch University
(W3) sun.ac.za