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From: "Royalynn O'Connor" <ROY@zeus.oup-usa.org>

Oxford Scholarship Online

Oxford Scholarship Online is a proposal from Oxford University Press for a
powerful new research tool to increase access to and dissemination of
academic publications.

The concept is for a series of discipline-based sites featuring an
extensive core of Oxford's research level books and academic reference (c
250 works per discipline) with an ongoing publication programme of c 50
new works per year in each discipline.

Oxford Scholarship Online will be a fully searchable full text service. A
distinguishing feature will be the book and chapter level extracts and
keywords provided which will enable book content to be searched alongside
journal and other online content. The proposal is to have the abstracts
hosted in a number of services which also host online journal abstracts.

Oxford Scholarship Online will be available as an online subscription
service for libraries.

Oxford University Press is now researching this proposal and would welcome
input from librarians and scholars. To facilitate this we have a simple
questionnaire, and online demonstrator showing the main features of Oxford
Scholarship Online in a single discipline.

If you would like to participate in the online research please e-mail me
directly at: juryk@oup.co.uk. We will also be organising librarian and
academic focus groups in the UK, Europe, and USA. There is an opportunity
to express interest in attending a focus group on the questionnaire.

Kate Jury
Humanities and Social Sciences Group
Oxford University Press