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RE: The Charleston Advisor-latest issue

These were just loaded yesterday, so there may be some adjustments
ongoing. All the free articles and reviews have a "free" icon and can be
found by going to:


Scroll down and on the left hand column Select "view Issue" vol. 3 num. 1
from the drop down box in the lower left corner of the screen.All the free
articles and reviews are marked. Sorry for any confusion.

Chuck Hamaker

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Subject: The Charleston Advisor-latest issue

The July 2001 issue (v3n1) of The Charleston Advisor is now available on
the Web at http://charlestonco.com In addition to the reviews this issue
contains a variety of free editorials and features including:

* Why the AAP is Not Waging War on Librarians, by Pat Schroeder
  Pat Schroeder in a relatively friendly response

* The Consortium and the IP: A Tale of Renewal (an editorial about the
  APA), by Michelle Newberry
  FCLA's negotiations with the American Psychological Association.

* Initial Implementation Issues: Migrating Electronic Journal Licenses
  From Print-Plus-Electronic Pricing to Electronic-Plus-Print Pricing, by
  Tom Sanville
  Sanville and Ohiolink discuss in this position paper their negotiating
  stance for 2002 subscriptions, indicating they have negotiated a new
  pricing structure for electronic journals plus print, along with why and
  potential impact on the serials system.

* Questions of Copyright: A Discussion with Michael Traynor, Partner,
  Cooley Godward LLP, Interview by Chuck Hamaker and Katina Strauch
  Traynor was one of the lawyers involved with the Ryan V. Carl lawsuit
  and discusses the implications for copyright practice of several recent

All of the above editorials are freely accessible on the Website.  
Selected reviews (Including David Goodman with a comparative review of
three platforms forthe Zoologial Record) are also available free and the
rest are only accessible to subscribers.