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Re: The Charleston Advisor-latest issue

I tried to access the Tom Sanville piece and received a message 
that the report is no longer available.  Stefanie

[MODERATOR'S NOTE:  Stefanie is right, but I did just find Tom Sanville's
piece at a slightly different URL:


Ann Okerson]

At 05:47 PM 7/17/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>The July 2001 issue (v3n1) of The Charleston Advisor is now available on
>the Web at http://charlestonco.com In addition to the reviews this issue
>contains a variety of free editorials and features including:
>* Why the AAP is Not Waging War on Librarians, by Pat Schroeder
>   http://charlestonco.com/features.cfm?id=68&type=np
>   Pat Schroeder in a relatively friendly response
>* The Consortium and the IP: A Tale of Renewal (an editorial about the
>   APA), by Michelle Newberry
>   http://charlestonco.com/features.cfm?id=69&type=ed
>   FCLA's negotiations with the American Psychological Association.
>* Initial Implementation Issues: Migrating Electronic Journal Licenses
>   From Print-Plus-Electronic Pricing to Electronic-Plus-Print Pricing, by
>   Tom Sanville
>   http://charlestonco.com/features.cfm?id=70&type=fr
>   Sanville and Ohiolink discuss in this position paper their negotiating
>   stance for 2002 subscriptions, indicating they have negotiated a new
>   pricing structure for electronic journals plus print, along with why and
>   potential impact on the serials system.
>* Questions of Copyright: A Discussion with Michael Traynor, Partner,
>   Cooley Godward LLP, Interview by Chuck Hamaker and Katina Strauch
>   http://charlestonco.com/features.cfm?id=65&type=np
>   Traynor was one of the lawyers involved with the Ryan V. Carl lawsuit
>   and discusses the implications for copyright practice of several recent
>   decisions.
>All of the above editorials are freely accessible on the Website.
>Selected reviews (Including David Goodman with a comparative review of
>three platforms forthe Zoologial Record) are also available free and the
>rest are only accessible to subscribers.

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