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Library Consortia IFLA Preconference

This announcement is being posted to multiple lists.  Please excuse any
inconvenience this may cause.

There is less than a month left to register for the IFLA Preconference on Library Consortia, and 
there are only a limited number of spaces remaining.   The registration fee is $350.  The 
Preconference is attracting an international audience, with 25 countries already represented. 
Additional program information appears below in this message, and full program and registration 
information can be found at http://silver.ohiolink.edu/ioclc/ifla-registration.html    

Please also note that two more speakers have been added to the program: Merryll Penson 
(GALILEO) with discuss consortium funding and budgeting, and Monika Segbert will be a 
panelist discussing the Electronic Information for Libraries (eIFL) consortium sponsored by the 
Open Society Institute.

IFLA 2001 Conference (Boston)  

Location: Boston Public Library  
Date: August 16-17, 2001 (Thursday and Friday)  
Registration Fee:  $350.  No registrations accepted after July 30, and no refunds will be possible 
after August 1.

For further information contact: 

Arnold Hirshon, Executive Director, NELINET 
e-mail:	ahirshon@nelinet.net
Phone:	+ 508-460-7700 
Fax:	+ 508-460-9450

This two day-long session, coordinated by NELINET, and co-sponsored by the General 
Research Libraries and Management and Technology Divisions of IFLA, and the International 
Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC), will bring together international librarians to explore global 
developments in library consortia.  You will not only be able to explore the best ideas from 
experts to help you determine the most appropriate strategies for your consortium, but also 
participate in a worldwide discussion on management issues vital to the delivery of efficient and 
cost-effective library consortium services.  

The conference will provide an excellent preliminary to the papers and exhibition to follow at the 
main conference.  English is the language of the preconference presentations.  

The preconference will be of interest to consortium managers, practicing
librarians actively engaged or interested in the development of library
consortia, consortium directors, library directors, library practitioners,
information industry professionals, academics, and purchasers of
electronic information and other consortial services.


The following is the tentative program.  Abstracts for the programs are
available on the web site

o Library Consortia: How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Going?
   Arnold Hirshon (NELINET)  

o Governance and Management of Consortia.
   ate Nevins (SOLINET)  

o Consortium Funding and Budgeting
   Merryll Penson (GALILEO)

o Electronic Books, Journals and Beyond: Issues and Opportunities for
   Library Consortia.  
   Tom Sanville (OhioLINK)  

o Electronic Resource Decision Models.
   Angee Baker (SOLINET)  

o Electronic Resources: National Purchasing Models.
   Alicia Wise (JISC: Joint Information Systems Committee, United Kingdom)  

o Technology Issues for Library Consortia.
   Dan Iddings (Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc.)  

o Future Growth, Future Strength -- Emerging Programs and Services for 
   Library Consortia.
   David Kohl (University of Cincinnati)  

o Best Practices and Pragmatic Opportunities for Library Consortia.
   Tommasso Giordano  (European University Institute, Italy)
   Joan Rapp (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
   Kjell Nillson (Swedish National Library, Sweden)  

o Consortial Licensing -- International Experiences. 
   Panelists:  Hennie Viljoen (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa)
   Warren Holder (University of Toronto, Canada)  
   Monika Segbert (Electronic Information for Libraries, eIFL - Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia)

In addition to these formal presentations there will also be small group
discussion sessions on the following topics:

o E-resource licensing (discussion led by Margaret Landesman, University
  of Utah)

o Virtual union catalogs (discussion led by Barbara Preece, Boston Library 

o Marketing consortial services and programs (discussion led by Susan
  Abell (NELINET)

o Digital library development (discussion leader: to be announced)  

o Consortial reports and statistics for electronic resources (discussion
  leader: to be announced)

o Consortial funding: challenges and opportunities (discussion leader: to
  be announced)