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Re: Alumni access to electronic resources?

There hasn't been much activity on this list in response to Marianne's
message.  This might be because there have been a couple of sets of
discussions here, and one not that long ago.  For those who wish to review
prior discussions on this or any topic, please check the liblicense-l
archives at:


Look along the top bar that helps you to search the list archives. Click
on it and input the term "alumni".  You will retrieve some 60+ hits, of
which at least the first half are relevant and useful. The listings allow
you to click directly on those messages.

I note that Marianne asks if anyone has actually made alumni access work
in any way. This is a good question, as I'm not aware that we've discussed
any actual implementations of alumni access on liblicense-l. Perhaps no
one has been able to effect it? Let's hear from you.

Ann Okerson, Moderator

Marianne Afifi wrote:

we have recently been approached by our Alumni Association liaison who
wants to give access to some of our electronic resources to alumni,
perhaps for a fee. I have not checked specific license agreements yet,
because details on which databases they would want access to have not been
discussed. There are obviously various ways of doing this, but our Alumni
Association proposed one way, namely to piggyback onto our licenses, some
of which are consortial.

What I wanted to ask this group is: whether this question has come up for
any of you what potential models for access might be use in your
institution whether anyone has encountered licenses specifically
restricting alumni any other advice or information you may have on this


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