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Conference: E-Books 2001 London - March 20th 2001

E-Books 2001

Sponsored by
LITC, South Bank University
the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) / DNER
Dawson Books

Tuesday 20th March 2001  10.00 - 17.00
SOAS Brunei Gallery, London, UK

This conference brings together information service managers,
librarians, publishers and booksellers to explore the opportunities and
challenges created by electronic books. It will feature expert speakers
from different parts of the publishing industry and education and
provide opportunities for discussion, evaluation and debate.

Speakers will examine some of the different hardware and software
technologies and standards in use; and offer evaluations of varying
business models for the different market players. How are electronic
books going to change the publishing industry? The conference will also
look at how E-Books might affect library acquisitions, and consider what
service benefits and problems they might create. It will be of great
interest to anyone involved in the book industry.

Session chairs: John Akeroyd, Mel Collier, Diane Kerr, Hazel Woodward,

* Keynote and overview
by Rick Lugg and Ruth Fischer of R2 Consulting, New Hampshire, who have
recently mapped the E-Books industry

* the E-books company perspective
speakers will include new players netLibrary and the director of Questia

* the publishers' perspective
 including representatives of CUP and Taylor and Francis

* the library perspective
speakers including Carolyn Rawlinson of Stirling University (Heron), and
Ray Lonsdale and Chris Armstrong, University of Wales Aberystwyth

A panel session will discuss economic models and use scenarios

Cost to delegates including lunch =A365.

To book use the booking form at http://litc.sbu.ac.uk/ebooks2001/

Questions about the conference should be directed to Sarah Connolly,