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Enforceability of shrinkwrap licenses (RE: OUP CD-ROM license)

I'm pretty sure that in all but the two UCITA states (VA and MD),
shrinkwrap licenses are unenforceable.  As "contracts of adhesion," they
don't meet the standard tests -- notably mutuality and negotiability --
that are brought to bear when establishing the validity of a contract.  
So while you'd probably do best to check with counsel at your institution,
I think there's good reason to believe that you can simply ignore the
terms of shrinkwrap licenses.

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> what u seem to want to know is a classic case of a shrinkwrap license
> agreement--it is immaterial whether u sign the agreement or not--if u have
> taken off the plastic cover then u are bound by the terms of the license
> agreement--regarding the issue of circulating it--please see on the
> license agreement, there will probably be a clause for multiple licenses
> so that the same CD can be installed on more than 1 computer/terminal
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